Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Oct.28.2019

1. Gold prices have soared this year, squeezing jewelers’ prices and gross margins. Smaller companies may pass on costs to consumers. Larger companies are more likely to see their gross margins take a hit. As consumers seek to cash in on gold assets, the jewelry recycling market is booming. 2. October 24 – Bulgari Chief […]

Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Oct.21.2019

1. The latest statistics from the jeweler’s Trade Commission (JBT) show that the jewelry industry has not stopped shrinking – the ongoing integration process has even begun to accelerate. JBT’s official statistics show that 743 companies have shrunk in the past year, or 2.8%. 2. Stamford Mall officials confirmed that Pandora’s jewelry store was closed […]

Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Oct.8.2019

1. California governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) has signed the latest law of the state containing metal jewelry requirements into law, which has been hailed as “the world’s most comprehensive regulations on lead and cadmium”. The bill (SB 647) was introduced by Senator Holly Mitchell (Holly Mitchell) in February, and was approved by the Senate […]