People the world over have linked silver to luxury for decades. When it comes to jewelry designers, they find themselves naturally drawn to the metal because of its perfect combination of durability, beauty, and malleability. Whether the silver is being used to make a beautiful everyday accessory, or a time piece that always makes a […]

5 Golden Rules To Keep Your Silver Jewelry At Their Best Look!

We all have favorite jewels that we have difficulty to leave and that are all-terrain, others that we go out more occasionally so much they are precious in our eyes. In any case, it is important to take care of them if you want to make them last! We will present to you today the […]

3 Different Processes For Shaping A Jewelry In Bulk Manufacturing

Lost-wax Casting – Price US$40 – $70  The lost-wax is a low cost, classic way for bulk manufacture jewelry. Basically, rubber models are made for producing the wax model. Dozens of the wax model will be put together surrounding a steel stick without contacting each other, it forms a tree-like object called wax-tree. Then the wax tree […]

Canada Silver Jewelry Import Tax

As a frequently asked question from our new Canada customers, we post the silver jewelry importing tax from China to Cannada here, for reference. Commercial Package Taxes There are 3 taxes that might occur if the package is looked as a commercial package. Customs Tariff (Duty): 8.5% for silver jewelry Sales Tax (GST/PST/HST): 13% – […]