Show the silver jewelry to your customer before you purchase!

Now we have opened the member area for downloading images and catalog freely by yourself. Now you can show your customers with pictures and quotations by an Excel file…we prepared for you!

How to make it?

  • You need to register as our member.
  • Then go to member area by click “ACCOUNT” at the top of the page, or click here .
  • There’s a area named “Download Images Or Catalog” in your member area
  • Click the “Download Images Or Catalog” button, you’ll enter the downloading page
  • At “Download Images Or Catalog” page, enter SKUs in the text box in step2, then click “Get Images” button to get all images in a zip file, or “Get Catalog With Price” button to get catalog file.


Q: How can I get the SKUs?

A: You can get SKUs on every products page. As shown below

Q: Can I download all the pictures of my order?

A: Of course! Just enter your order number in the “Step1” text box and hit “Load SKUs from order#” and all SKUs in your order will be loaded into the text box.

Silverbene Amazon Europe Warehouse Clearance

As the stock is close to the long term storage limit set by Amazon, we release the following items for clearance in Europe, it is 90% off the original price and sends from the Amazon UK warehouse. This Clearance will be available in 2 weeks.

You need to click the below link and goto amazon to checkout to get the discount.

Designer Vintage Wine Red Create Ruby 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Elegant Lady Band Brush Surface 925 Sterling Sliver Earrings
Heart With Heart Women Cute 925 Sterling Sliver Anklet
Cute Round Circle White CZ 925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Simple Small Freshwater Cultured Natural Pearl Women 925 Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings

Fashion Rhombus Facet Pattern 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Simple U Created Pearl Women 925 Sterling Sliver Earrings
Simple CZ White 925 Sterling Silver Round Stud Earrings
Shining Ball CZ 925 White Women 925 Sterling Sliver Dangling Earrings
Simple CZ Pave Ball Women 925 Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings
Simple Elegant Big Shell Pearl Women 925 Sterling Sliver Earrings
Minimalism Silver Butterfly Brush Surface 925 Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings

Simple Trendy Smooth Circle White/Rose 925 Sterling Silver Pinky Finger Ring Silver
Simple Concise Elegant Women 925 Sterling Sliver Hoop Earrings
Simple Elegant Created Diamond Lady 925 Sterling Sliver Pendant
Vivid Red Oval Create Ruby Wedding 925 Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings
Designer Blue Butterfly Cloisonne Lady 925 Sterling Sliver Stud Earrings

SILVERBENE Recommendations 2019/7/2- Cubic Zirconia & Silver Jewelry

We made this video to pick some of our cubic zirconia jewelry for you.


The products link in this video

The products in this issue:

This is the first time we made video. Enjoy!

Our LIVE video is coming soon

Well, according to the feedback our our customers, it’s hard to choose the items as it’s hard to tell which one is good in the real world…

So we are preparing our LIVE video to show the jewelry in the real world. Every LIVE show will focus on new, carefully selected items which should be loved by your customer.

The live video will be on Facebook and the homepage simultaneously. The time for the show is undecided yet.

Stay tuned, we’ll start soon!