Enamel Jewelry – The Gorgeous Lady In Jewelry Family

About Author: Chirssy Fan, the OEM manager, who has been working in professional silver jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer Silverbene for 5 years, who has been devoted in the silver jewelry industry for more than 7 years. I spent 5 years living in China jewelry center – Panyu and kept learning different workmanship in different factories. Now I will introduce my favorite workmanship: enamel. Welcome to contact me or our website

Hi dear jewelers. I believe that all of you have heard or tried enamel jewelry products. In this article, I would like to share more knowledge about enamel jewelry with you, on the basis of experience working in a Chinese jewelry factory – Silverbene. But as I’m Chinese, my translation might be wrong or some of the nouns might be strange. If you feel confused, welcome to comminute with me. No more crap, here we go!

General introduction:Enamel, also called vitreous enamel and porcelain enamel, is a composite handicraft formed by fusing the glass enamel powder on the surface of the substrate (such as metal, glass or ceramics), most of which are colored utensils.

Principle and characteristics:In China, the ancient enamel ware and the enamel watch imported from Europe at that time have gone through hundreds of years, and now they are still as bright and beautiful as new! It can be said that Enamel Jewelry in the jewelry family is the strongest artistic expression. Enamel Jewelry is made of gold, silver, copper and other metals, ceramics and glass. It is made by drawing or filling enamel pigment on the fetal bone, and then sintered in a high temperature furnace at 800 ℃ for many times. Enamel color pigment is a kind of glaze made of quartz, feldspar, oxidized metal and other minerals. It is made by grinding. After continuous color painting on the tire blank and then repeatedly sintering in the kiln, a beautiful enamel work of art is finally produced. Enamel is very colorful, with a gem like luster and texture, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, hard and solid, not aging and deterioration, after thousands of years, it will not fade or lose light. Shape, color and light are all good, just like wearing a fine miniature painting with you, and it will never fade, and will last forever! It is both practical and value preserving. Worthy of being a wonderful flower in jewelry! It is also very suitable for the color matching of fashion clothing.

Workmanship Types Of Enamel Jewelry

1.Cloisonne Enamel. Cloisonne enamelis a kind of utensil made of soft flat copper wire on the copper mold, which is pinched into various patterns and welded, and then filled with enamel color glaze and fired in the patterns.

2. Transparent Enamel. Transparent enamel uses colorless or color transparent glaze for decoration, through which bright patterns can be seen faintly, forming a unique artistic decoration effect. The manufacturing method is to carve various hollow patterns on the metal blank, pad mica or copper sheet, fill in the enamel and burn until it is completely filled, remove the gasket, and then grind and polish to make the cavity show bright enamel.

3. Painted Enamel. Painted enamel originated in Western Europe and France. It was introduced into China by merchants and missionaries in the 16th century. Unlike the filigree enamel, the metal wire which does not outline the outline of the painting is more like a delicate oil painting. Due to the difficulty of the process, it has not been widely used

4. Cold Enamel. Cold enamel technology (also known as drop glue or imitation enamel) is a process in which the resin replaces the traditional glaze to fill the handicraft, and the visual effect of high-temperature enamel can be formed after the resin solidifies. Cold enamel has the advantages of low cost, simple manufacture and high yield, but the resin materials used are not durable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to aging, fade and lose luster.

The above is the application of enamel in jewelry, although painting enamel is not widely used because of the difficulty. The picture on the right is the enamel jewelry that won the first prize of the professional group in the 2019 Shanghai Xinrui Jewelry Design Competition. The design selects the architectural works of Frank Gehry as the design inspiration, applies the characteristics of Frank Gehry’s architectural works to jewelry design, and presents the architectural characteristics with jewelry as the carrier. The overall shape of the work reflects the characteristics of the building with liquidity and strong tension. Enamel is used to present the texture and color of the building surface.

Thank you for reading. As a manufacturer specializing in silver ornaments, Silverbene sincerely invites you to cooperate and win-win if your company intends or has developed enamel products.

This article cannot be forwarded without permission.

Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Jan.13.2020

1. Bead supplies to dazzle your world are in store at the 11th annual Baltimore Bead Society Winter Bead and Jewelry Show at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship.

2. Clark’s Diamond Jewelers in Couer D’Alene, ID, might be on the hook for some serious refunds for merchandise it sold over the holidays. The store has promised that if it snows 3 inches or more on Jan. 11, it will refund all purchases made between Nov. 22 and Dec. 31.

3. Atlanta Jewelry Show to Offer GIA Gem Identification Lab Session
Registration is now open and is limited to 15 participants per session.

4. Turkish jewelry exports hit record levels of $7.2 billion last year, surpassing the previously set goal of $6 billion, the Jewelry Exporters Association said Friday. The top five destinations for Turkish jewelry exports were the U.K., United Arab Emirates, the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland.

5. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill to regulate lead content in children’s jewellery, which will take effect on 1 January 2021.

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Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Jan.06.2020

1. French luxury jewellery, watch, and perfume company Van Cleef & Arpels has opened its first ever high jewellery exhibition. The Milan-based exhibition, titled “Time, Nature, Love”, features more than 400 watches and pieces of jewellery produced since the Maison was founded in 1906. The exhibition will run until February 23, 2020.

2. Shares of Signet Jewelers (NYSE:SIG) were down 14.8% as of 11:00 a.m. EST Thursday after analysts at Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) downgraded the parent company of jewelry chains including Kay, Zales, Jared, and Piercing Pagoda.

3. Tiffany & Co. is launching its first comprehensive jewelry collection for men in October as it seeks to diversify its traditional customer base.

4. A new report published by IDEX Online shows that sales of fine jewellery and fine watches in the US market rose 3.2% year-on-year in October – the fourth successive month in which sales have increased.

5. Gems and jewellery exporters are eyeing new markets such as Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Singapore, France and Italy after the adverse impact of economic slowdown in China and unrest in Hong Kong on shipments in this financial year. Exports of gems and jewellery fell 4.66 percent year-on-year in April-November 2019 and the trend is likely to persist in the rest of the current fiscal.

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Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Dec.30.2019

1. U.S. Jewelry and Watch rise. According to Mastercard’s research, online jewelry sales grew by 8.8 percent from November 1-December 24, putting a positive spin on what has been a difficult year for the diamond and jewelry trade.

2. Jewelers in New York City have created the world’s most valuable dreidel, according to Guinness World Records. The custom-designed piece created by Estate Diamond Jewellery is valued at £54,000 ($70,000). It includes the diamond-encrusted Hebrew letters nun, gimmel, hay and shin, and a 4.2-carat diamond on its tip.

3. The Gibbes presents micromosaic jewelry exhibition this January. The exhibition opens on Jan. 17 and runs through May 3.

4. Tiffany still has a few minor hurdles to clear in meeting all of the closing conditions in its acquisition deal with global luxury retailing giant LVMH. That buyout is scheduled to occur at approximately $135 per share in cash, which should keep the stock hovering just below that price between now and the closing sometime in mid-2020.

5. The upbeat trends jewelers have seen since Black Friday solidified in the last week. Thirty-one percent of jewelers said the 2019 holiday season so far had been a better than expected and a further six percent said it had been flat-out “terrific.” Thirty-three percent said it had been in line with their forecasts but those expectations had been noticeably bullish

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Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Dec.23.2019

  1. Officers from the Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS) undertook a spot check on 1553 pieces of jewellery in 20 local authority areas. A total of 247 – 16 per cent – were not hallmarked or had an incorrect hallmark, while some instances of counterfeit copies of designer branded jewellery items, bearing names including Tiffany and Louis Vuitton, were also found.
  2. MCM makes a move into jewellery for its Spring/Summer 2020 collection. German luxury fashion house MCM has partnered with renowned British jewellery designer Tateossian to debut its redefined jewellery line
  3. American jewellery brand Tiffany & Co did not receive any other “credible” bids during the month when LVMH engaged in a public proposal to take over the business, reveals the proxy statement the company it filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week.
  4. Signet Jewelers Ltd. (SIG) beat analysts’ earnings estimates for the eighth consecutive quarter on Dec. 5. The stock popped on the report, and if gains hold, the daily chart could soon confirm a “golden cross” formation. The stock traded as high as $22.33 on Dec. 13 and then opened Monday below a weekly risky level at $20.95.
  5. On Dec 12 fashion magazine Bazaar Jewelry opened an exhibition displaying works of outstanding designers from home and abroad in Beijing. With the theme of ‘Neo-Chinese Style’, the exhibition aims to present traditional Chinese culture and highlight the role jewelry plays in a chic lifestyle.

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