Keep faith in god? You got to check out this ring

Your faith in Jesus in undeniable. Your faith in Cross is unparalleled. Your faith in God is impeccable. Do you feel that faith is fainting just because of those never-ending struggles? Faith seems to be in increasingly short supply as the world turns passive to so many struggles that each and every one of us […]

Show the silver jewelry to your customer before you purchase!

Now we have opened the member area for downloading images and catalog freely by yourself. Now you can show your customers with pictures and quotations by an Excel file…we prepared for you! How to make it? You need to register as our member. Then go to member area by click “ACCOUNT” at the top of […]

SILVERBENE Recommendations 2019/7/2- Cubic Zirconia & Silver Jewelry

We made this video to pick some of our cubic zirconia jewelry for you. The products link in this video The products in this issue: This is the first time we made video. Enjoy!