3 Different Processes For Shaping A Jewelry In Bulk Manufacturing

Lost-wax Casting – Price US$40 – $70 

The lost-wax is a low cost, classic way for bulk manufacture jewelry. Basically, rubber models are made for producing the wax model. Dozens of the wax model will be put together surrounding a steel stick without contacting each other, it forms a tree-like object called wax-tree.

Then the wax tree is put into a container to inject gesso and finally get the metal model. more information can be found on wikipedia. Now more than 90% bulk manufacture in the world are made by lost-wax casting.


Punching – price $150 – $250

The punching method use dies to press and cut the metal.

Better for over 1000 pieces, only available for the jewelry in plate like in the following picture.

Advantage: Save cost for $0.3 – $1 per item for less craftsmanship comparing to rubber mold. As the mold is made directly by digital cutting, the edge lines of the metal plate can be very complex and clear.

Disadvantage: High mold cost.

Hydraulic Mold – price – $300 – $500

The hydraulic method uses dies to press and shape the metal. It can make the tridimensional shape like a sculpture.

Advantage: Save cost for $0.3 – $1 per item. High precision, clearer edge, and shape.

Disadvantage: High cost to make the mold/die.


Looking Forward To A Great 2018

We are back from Chinese New Year holiday! Now all the order processing, customer service resume normally.

In the Year 2018, we’ll develop and design more silver jewelry and also add more categories of jewelry findings/DIY components.  Also, the warehouse and stocking system will be upgraded to meet the needs of our customers.

We are looking forward a great 2018 to your business!

Canada Silver Jewelry Import Tax

As a frequently asked question from our new Canada customers, we post the silver jewelry importing tax from China to Cannada here, for reference.

Commercial Package Taxes

There are 3 taxes that might occur if the package is looked as a commercial package.

  1. Customs Tariff (Duty): 8.5% for silver jewelry
  2. Sales Tax (GST/PST/HST): 13% – 15% varies from different province.
    If you are a reseller in Canada, you need to provide your company information along with GST registration number to avoid Sale Tax charges by the logistics company.Please refer to the document of Canada for more details. Please contact your local tax office and DHL to confirm if the tax will be charged by DHL.

    If the consignor is a GST/HST registrant, you pay the GST/HST on the price the consignor charges you (assuming your purchase of the goods is taxable, other than zero-rated) and collect the GST/HST from your customer on your selling price (assuming your sale of the goods is taxable, other than zero-rated). If the consignor is not a registrant, you do not pay the GST/HST to the consignor, and you collect the GST/HST from your customer on your selling price.

    Charge the GST/HST, Canada Government Documentation

    GI-009 Consigned Goods, Canada Government Documentation

  3. Processing Fee & Transaction Fee: charge by UPS/DHL, need to consult with your local DHL or UPS for more details

The possibilities that a package will levy a tax

  • Airmail – around 3% possibility to levy a commercial tax

Normally use ePacket(under 2kg), which is an upgraded airmail shipping by China Post, will cooperate with Canada Post in Canada domestic shipping. i.e. the Canada Post will deliver the Canada domestic part. The ePacket generally will not be looked as a commercial package so the possibility of levying a tax is relatively small.

  • Express shipping – very possible to levy the tax

UPS/DHL will be more possibly looked as a commercial package. To avoid being looked as a consumer package and you don’t want the logistics company to charges tax,

Also, UPS/DHL will charge a Processing fee and Transaction fee according to GST/PST/HST



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