Weekly Top 5 News In The Jewelry Industry – Spet.16.2019

  1. Tiffany creates another reason for men to shop. Before, men always tend to shop for women. Now Tiffany creates another reason for men to shop: Tiffany Men’s, arriving Oct. 1 in stores worldwide and online.
  2. Pandora Plots a Comeback – Think Pink. Pandora has a shining transformation plan to regain some of the glory the brand had lost. In Log Angels, this famous brand colored bright pink on the streets of the city centre – a new iconic colour – shows efforts to make the next chapter brighter.
  3. Sept 12th, Meghan Markle wore Princess Diana’s earrings and bracelet to her smart works launch – Meghan’s Smart Works capsule collection. Meghan has a small piece of her mother-in-law wherever she goes
  4. Hermès celebrated its latest collection with a slick performance. Enchaînements Libres, Hermès’s latest collection, is on a world tour, which came from Paris It was a performative dance work, commissioned by Hermès from esteemed French choreographer Christian Rizzo.
  5. CIBJO released marketing and education special report, analyzed‘Next Great Jewelry-Buying Generation’. The generation refers to consumers who currently are 15 to 25 years of age. “The future success of the jewelry industry will depend on our understanding of the needs and wants of this generation.” The author wrote so.

Extracted from:

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