People the world over have linked silver to luxury for decades. When it comes to jewelry designers, they find themselves naturally drawn to the metal because of its perfect combination of durability, beauty, and malleability. Whether the silver is being used to make a beautiful everyday accessory, or a time piece that always makes a statement on behalf of the wearer wherever they go, you can never go wrong with silver jewelry. So what are the reasons why you, as a jewelry seller, should stock up on some more silver pieces?

  1.   Popularity

Silver has always been a popular metal. However, that popularity is even greater today than it has ever been, and grows more and more by the day. In fact, gold, which is usually considered superior to silver, came on the scene long after silver. Royalty in the past valued silver long before gold was introduced. Today, silver has far surpassed gold as the trendiest metal to wear, according to GoldSilver. Additionally, the Business Insider reports that there was a whopping 59% increase in the sale of silver jewelry in 2017 alone.

There is obviously a rising popularity trend for silver, and you would be smart as a jewelry seller to add this beautiful metal to your collection in order to ride that popularity wave.

  1.   Diversity

It’s virtually impossible to think of any other metal with which you can create a jewelry collection as diverse as the one you can create with silver. The diversity of sterling silver makes it possible for you to sell a wide variety of silver jewelry. The beauty of this metal is that it adds a classy touch to just about every accessory it adorns. It also works well with the vast majority of metals, complimenting them in a way that accentuates their natural beauty. It can be worn on just about any occasion without clashing with the other metals on display.

  1.   Health Benefits

Silver has fantastic health benefits. It is commonly used in sterilization and antibiotics in the medical industry. It has been known to prevent the flu, help with healing wounds, and also improve skin care. It can help to prevent anxiety, balance your mood, improve your energy levels, and even provide relief from pain.

Silver is growing in popularity and has been doing so for at least the past decade. At this rate, it will soon overtake gold. Selling silver jewelry will be the best way to take advantage of this.

  1.   Fashion Trends

Many of the other metals tend to slide in and out of vogue. It’s not every fashion season that gold or titanium remains in vogue. Silver, on the other hand, always remains in vogue. The beauty of silver is that it blends well with just about any garment. Silver isn’t too loud on some garments, like gold. It has a neutral grey color that will easily compliment any colors on fashion and can be blended into any accessory. Silver has the quality of going well with just about any precious stone and looking like a million dollars no matter what the combination. With silver on your clothes or accessories, you can expect heads to turn at whatever event you attend. For that reason, selling silver jewelry in your store will allow you to give your customers a wider offering in terms of jewelry that will go with any outfit they have.

  1.   Silver is affordable

Where else will you find a metal with glitz and glam to match gold and titanium but at a much more affordable price? The truth is, even as a jewelry shop, it would be good for you to be able to tap into your middle class market, full of customers who would still like to stand out with their outfits and accessories but wouldn’t like to spend too much money on it. For such clients, silver would be an excellent addition to their wardrobe. They will be able to match it with any of their outfits, mix it in with other precious metals and precious stone jewelry they might have, and will be able to stand out when they go to important events adorned in silver. As if that’s not enough, it will all come at an affordable price. You get more customers, they get to shine.


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